Founded in 2006, Yes To was an early leader in the natural beauty category. As natural beauty products continued to flood the mainstream, Yes To lost market share and experienced diminishing brand awareness. To create a fun and irreverent brand look and meaning that breaks through standard conventions of natural skin care, Yes To and Lambesis launched the “Yes To You” campaign.


Communicating the benefits of new and innovative products, Yes To captures the playful and irreverent spirit of natural beauty in a series of fun and amusing videos that ask, “What do you say yes to?”

INTERACTIVE delivers an intuitive and engaging retail and content experience that brings social to the forefront and provides product education through consumer reviews. Additionally, a series of interactive rich media units, online banners and social assets were developed and produced to reach the target across all platforms.


Understanding the continued value of maintaining a presence in print to establish an iconic beauty brand, the “Yes To You” campaign includes a series of eye-catching print ads that run monthly across a variety of print publications.