World Gym, the renowned gym founded by Joe Gold over three decades ago, chose Lambesis to help them reintroduce their brand to a new generation. The brand that became famous in the Muscle Beach-era of body building legends had lost its momentum with the modern health club guest. Through its unique, fully integrated approach to building brands, Lambesis reinvented the World Gym brand equity with an exciting new image of inspirational toughness. The campaign celebrates the raw but fun heritage of the brand with a modern, yet utilitarian and sexy new look. A striking new identity was created by evolving the logo and creating new signage and iconic posters for print, in-store and outdoor media. A new website was developed for future breakthrough social and mobile brand experiences.


Lambesis created the branded video mnemonic for World Gym to reinforce the new brand image throughout corporate and franchisee communications.


The imagery Lambesis created for World Gym’s “Iconic Star Power” campaign highlights the style, attitude and strength of the world famous brand.


Out of Home

Lambesis created new signage and distinctive posters for print, in-store and outdoor locations.