A joint venture between SKYY Spirits and the Miller Brewing Company, SKYY BLUE and SKYY SPORT (low carb) were SKYY’s entry into the malt beverage category. To differentiate the new SKYY malt beverages from other brands, Lambesis leveraged the core attributes of SKYY to create a sexy and sophisticated, yet casual image that would appeal to young urbanites. Lambesis worked with top fashion photographers and celebrated film directors to communicate the feeling of relaxed sophistication and to position the brand as a cocktail escape in art quality print, major TV productions and highly visible outdoor in key cities. The most successful among Miller’s five brands launched in the RTD category, SKYY BLUE and SKYY SPORT remain popular internationally, where the original Lambesis creative is still supporting the brand nearly a decade later.

TV & Film

Large production TV spots featuring diverse and exotic locations served as backdrops for unconventional ads designed to create a feeling of relaxed sophistication.



The SKYY Blue print campaign reflects the sophistication, style and cocktail culture of the core SKYY Brand, yet focuses on a more casual and relaxed lifestyle.


Out of Home

A highly visible outdoor presence in key cities increased awareness and made a direct connection with the urban target.