To ignite Seagate Technology’s sales of digital storage and sharing solutions, Lambesis researched consumer attitudes and motivations in personal data storage and weighed these against the equities of the Seagate brand. The resulting campaign fused approachability with innovation, utilizing bright and whimsical cartoon illustrations to function as vivid, impactful metaphors for product benefits. The fully integrated campaign included iconic print and point of sale, as well as breakthrough interactive, including engaging videos and display ads. Lambesis also redesigned the entire suite of Seagate retail packaging to be environmentally-friendly, using all recycled materials and soy-based inks, a first in the industry. The new campaign and package design helped to solidify Seagate’s position as the leader in the next generation of innovative and easy-to-use digital media sharing and storage.


The fully integrated brand platform includes breakthrough interactive work, including videos and display units providing deeper product education.


Seagate print uses a unique combination of bright colors, witty copy and cartoon-style graphics, to showcase the brand’s innovative, yet easy-to-use product offering.

Point of Sale/Retail

Signage at electronics retailers is designed to reflect the playful and informative characteristics of the advertising, combined with headlines to reinforce the brand messaging and drive purchase.

Package Design

Lambesis’ fully redesigned suite of product packaging gives the Seagate brand strong and distinct presence on retail shelves.