Physicians Formula enjoyed a solid reputation as a category innovator, with revolutionary, first-to-market products that were often imitated by other brands. Originally created by a dermatologist to treat his wife’s sensitive skin, Physicians Formula had a loyal following and was a beloved brand among those in the know. To achieve greater growth however, the company needed to create a stronger and more iconic brand personality. The solution was “Rx for Glamour,” a direction that beautifully expressed Physicians Formula’s unique mix of health and glamour.

TV & Film

How to Videos featuring new Physicians Formula products were used to promote the new look of the brand while also providing viewers with tips on product usage. The video series was used for five Physicians Formula properties and rolled out online across multiple properties.


Lambesis designed the Physicians Formula to integrate the new look of the brand and promote Rx for Glamour. The website infrastructure and content was revamped to further the solidify the new Physicians Formula brand positioning. The rollout of the new campaign was supported by online media that ran across multiple beauty properties. The standard banners focused on specific product lines and featured iconic photography and seamless animations that drove viewers to purchase products online. Rx for Glamour was also highlighted at POS with interactive displays that linked shoppers to the Rx for Glamour microsite via their mobile devices.


Print ads paired glamorous models with conceptual product photography, showcasing Physicians Formula’s healthy ingredients and breakthrough formulas.

Out of Home

Striking and clean billboards featured models alongside product photography, with simple headlines focused on brand innovation.

Point of Sale/Retail

The glamorous print imagery was also used in beautifully designed point-of-sale displays, with color-coded products arranged by collection.