Kinerase is a pharmaceutical-owned brand of cosmeceutical skincare, whose premium product replicates nature’s processes via advanced science. Seeking a distinctive brand image in the cluttered skincare category, Kinerase turned to Lambesis. With the ‘Luxury of Science’ campaign, Lambesis capitalized on white space in the category by combining Kinerase’s distinctly scientific processes with a highly premium and luxurious look/feel. The resulting campaign became the platform for multiple successful launches for new Kinerase product.


Kinerase print uses graphic visual metaphors to communicate the pure luxury of skincare products derived from nature-based science.

Point of Sale/Retail

Not only was Kinerase’s distinctive brand identity able to break through on retail shelves, but Lambesis also helped Kinerase become the very first pharmaceutical company to be invited by Sephora to implement storefront posters, based on the appeal and uniqueness of the brand communications.