Honest Tea and Honest Kids had experienced explosive growth driven by people seeking a healthier alternative to soda, but needed to achieve mainstream relevance and broader consumer passion to catapult the brand to the next level. With the market continuing to flood with new entrants, opportunity existed for Honest to breakthrough with the “Refreshingly Honest” campaign, a brand idea and image that emanated from the pure, humble and honest beginnings of the brand and product to deliver an experience designed for the modern consumer.


In “Tea Window”, Honest delivers a transparent look at the pure ingredients that make the world of Honest so refreshing.


By presenting ingredients with clear honesty and transparency, “Refreshingly Honest” differentiated Honest Tea as healthier, higher quality product with mass appeal.

Out Of Home

“Refreshingly Honest” comes to life in iconic out-of-home across the US, connecting modern consumers with the refreshing transparency of Honest Tea.