For the groundbreaking global introduction of the Fisker Automotive luxury car brand and their first vehicle, the Fisker Karma, the company partnered with Lambesis. Fisker Automotive was founded in 2007 by automotive veterans Henrik Fisker and Bernhard Koehler to launch the world’s first luxury electric vehicle with extended range. Lambesis was charged with concepting the brand meaning and identity for the Fisker Automotive brand and developing impactful messaging for all consumer touch points. The integrated “Forces of Nature” platform was developed for the launch of the Fisker Karma. The work features the talents of Academy Award-winning cinematographers Janusz Kaminski and Wally Pfister, celebrated photographers Miles Aldridge and Anton Watts, and the celebrity voice of Leonardo DiCaprio.

TV & Film

The highly cinematic commercials for the launch of the Fisker Karma establish the brand’s “Pure Driving Passion” in dramatically entertaining fashion. Shot by Janusz Kaminski, the spot also features the talents of Leonardo DiCaprio who performs the voiceover for the spot.

Interactive seamlessly educates visitors on Fisker’s groundbreaking EVer technology, in addition to managing the communications needs of a wide variety of owners, handraisers, media and additional third parties.


Print advertisements created for Fisker Automotive debuted in Vanity Fair, showcasing the brand’s dedication to earth-inspired design and sustainable luxury.

Out of Home

Iconic out of home placements in major luxury automotive markets across the globe deliver a powerful awareness-building message for the brand. 

Point of Sale/Retail

Fisker Automotive followed Lambesis’ recommendation to partner with famed luxury retailer Harrods in a full store take over. The cross-promotional endeavor consisted of plasma video monitors, rotating LED photography and a buzz-generating window display featuring the Fisker Karma itself.