Campari, an Italian liqueur with a rich history and distinctive flavor, had found little support in the U.S. despite years of trying to build mass appeal. Lambesis repositioned Campari by moving away from a mass-market approach and re-focusing the brand as the sophisticated choice of upscale drinkers. The work capitalized on Campari’s authentic and transgressive spirit, while evolving the liqueur’s image with a high fashion feel. Lambesis’ rebranding of Campari produced the first U.S. sales growth for the brand in recent history. Lambesis’ subsequent global efforts for Campari featured celebrities Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba, as well as the talent of Mario Testino, Jean-Paul Goude and Matthew Rolston. Media included print, television and out-of- home, and the work ran in over 30 countries.

TV & Film

Lambesis created the seductive “Hotel Campari” television series for international release. Featuring spots starring Salma Hayek filmed by Matthew Rolston, the series yielded the best-tested global campaign results for Campari ever. Lambesis followed the enormous success of “Hotel Campari” with the “Club Campari” series starring Jessica Alba and directed by legendary director Jean-Paul Goude. Bursting with seduction, Club Campari was depicted as a place of pure enjoyment, where passion prevails in an incredibly sophisticated yet playful environment.

Interactive featured the Salma Hayek imagery and built on the equity and culture of the brand. This site tied the classic sophistication of Campari with the modern lifestyle and cultural aspirations of the target audience. Club Campari expanded into the online arena, building on the brand platform’s mix of sophistication and joie de vivre with a magical interactive experience.


Lambesis’ first campaign for Campari, titled “Passion Posters,” harkens to original vintage Campari posters, with high fashion photography adding a modern allure. Global “Hotel Campari” series starring Salma Hayek and photographed by Mario Testino. Print ads photographed by Mario Testino featured Jessica Alba in a variety of playful situations, thoroughly enjoying her passion-filled stay at Club Campari.

Point of Sale/Retail

This custom-designed sample box and brochure reflect the distinctive character of the Campari brand through the use of high-quality materials and striking visual imagery. Lambesis created limited- edition calendars with the Salma Hayek images. A red linen cover and striking design helped to reinforce the Campari brand image. Club Campari was further promoted with a sleekly designed limited- edition calendar containing sizzling images of the movie star, Jessica Alba.