The international “Hollywood Glamour” campaign for women’s fashion brand bebe, repositioned the retailer as a seductive and chic designer label. By creating beautiful high fashion print and outdoor communications, Lambesis helped bebe become an internationally recognized brand. The phenomenal success of the campaign continued in three additional photography series featuring celebrities Mischa Barton, Eva Longoria and Rebecca Romijn. The compelling campaign showcases the sultry bebe character, who has become an icon through a decade of stunning, breakthrough campaigns. The powerful campaign that defined the bebe brand image continues to evolve. After several celebrity cameos, bebe returns to a celebration of its empowered female character, using up-and-coming talent and expanding into new media. These new campaigns have also extended the bebe brand into quarterly catalogs and breakthrough outdoor.

TV & Film

Original short films directed by Luis Mandoki were created to capture the bebe lifestyle and directly connect it to product purchases.


The bebe designer image was extended into innovative digital display ads and a series of online films. Lambesis partnered with Apple to create an innovative interactive media player that allowed users to track products featured in the short films.


Lambesis partnered with master fashion photographers to create stunning visuals that brought a new level of prestige, quality and character to the brand. Lambesis redesigned the bebe logo in large type at the center of images, making the campaign more recognizable and iconic.

Out of Home

Consistent media placement in premium, image-building outdoor locations reinforce the brand’s status as an icon of provocative glamour and style.

Point of Sale/Retail

Store windows and the in-store environment were constantly refreshed to reflect the essence of the campaign and to immerse the target in a holistic brand experience.

Package Design

Lambesis concepted and designed the distinctive bebe fragrance bottle to echo the brand’s alluring and provocative feel.