With a desire to expand their consumer base beyond action sports enthusiasts, Airwalk needed to build brand awareness outside of this segment. Athletic shoe companies with substantial media budgets were already marketing to the mainstream, so Lambesis positioned Airwalk as an innovative leader of style in the new category of active casual for youth trendsetters. It was critical that the campaign demonstrate that Airwalk was able to speak to youth culture with a credible tone that could accurately portray their sense of style and irreverence. In this regard, Lambesis leveraged the L Report, a proprietary research study that provided deep insights into this market. The work produced immediate and dramatic impact, growing Airwalk sales from $30 to $300 million in four years. Popular styles were selling out at retail, and the campaign became so popular that theft of outdoor Airwalk ads was rampant. The campaign has been documented as a benchmark in numerous university textbooks on advertising and in Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling book, The Tipping Point.

TV & Film

Airwalk TV commercials were designed to portray the product as the embodiment of the anti-hero to gain the attention and approval of an ad-cynical youth audience. 


Airwalk made the product the star of graphic anti-hero stories that communicated to a cynical youth market. Bringing the style and persona of the action sports culture to the mainstream was Airwalk’s primary goal. 

Out of Home

When Lambesis decided to saturate selected markets with outdoor advertising, the result was overwhelming with continued reports of thefts of the ads from transit stations.

Point of Sale/Retail

Collateral designed for Airwalk tied in subversive humor and distinctive styling to transform informative sales pieces into edgy communications that effectively delivered product information without compromising the brand’s authenticity.