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We are a brand development company, not an advertising agency. We create enduring brand platforms, not short-lived campaigns. We are unique in embracing a design-led approach to create brand meaning, because we believe meaning trumps information by forging a deep and powerful emotional connection with consumers. Our proprietary process enables diverse disciplines within our company to be united by a single brand vision as they create truly seamless brand platforms. For over two decades, this unique approach to defining and building brand equity has earned Lambesis international recognition and generated sustainable growth for our clients.

Brands andProjects

Additional Work

P&G approached Lambesis to create a new brand platform for the Sunny Delight brand. The integrated TV, print and web work featured a stylized game show theme. A website allowed teens to play a version of the TV game show online to win prizes, and the integrated digital content became one of P&G’s most successful web promotions. Sunny Delight experienced renewed interest from teens and tweens, and the brand platform was adapted for the Canadian market.

Levi’s asked Lambesis to create new sub-brands, which would re-establish the brand’s authenticity and credibility with a teen and young adult audience for whom Levi’s had become “out of touch.” Lambesis delved into the authentic DNA of the brand and developed several concepts, which were researched using trendsetters in the U.S., London and Tokyo. Lambesis named the Red brand and recommended merchandising and brand identity ideas that Levi’s implemented to market this concept.

When Lambesis was asked to distinguish SkinMedica from the traditionally cold and clinical cosmeceutical competitive set, the solution was creating a more iconic and sophisticated brand image that celebrated the breaking down of barriers and redefined beauty. The “Story Of My Skin” campaign spotlighted real, aspirational women who communicated the wit and wisdom of their real-life beauty experiences in print, digital, collateral and on the brand website.

Lambesis was selected to develop brand positioning for Henkel’s got2b and citre shiné brands. By evaluating the category competitors and identifying a positioning opportunity, Lambesis helped got2b define an ownable voice among mass brands. The subsequent TV and print initiatives, which were used internationally, focused on how consumers could use got2b to achieve their own personal style. Lambesis positioned citre shine to be a higher-end retail brand at mass and created communications that made it distinctive in a crowded marketplace.

Based on Lambesis’ knowledge of youth trends, Nissan Motors contracted the Research and Planning Department to provide deep insights into youth trends and desires, for use in future product development. Lambesis recommended research with specific influencers, recruited participants through its network of Urban Pioneers. Proprietary research techniques successfully uncovered several product themes that trendsetters deemed critical for future product development.

Mattel, the world’s largest toymaker, purchased Morey Bodyboards, the leading brand in the category. Mattel assigned Lambesis to build Morey’s leadership position while ensuring that the brand remained dominant. Lambesis used its knowledge of the youth action sports marketplace to develop TV and print advertising that reached the core enthusiasts, while gaining interest from the mainstream. Mattel retained Lambesis to define the positioning of Morey, Wham-O and all of their sports division products while ensuring a leadership position.

Gap Inc. asked Lambesis to uncover new opportunities and retail concepts the brand could capitalize on. Lambesis organized a series of research workshops, using a combination of projective and expressive techniques, to uncover the deep-rooted wants and needs of the consumer with regard to apparel. Based on insights from this work, Lambesis recommended focusing on a 35+ female target. Gap developed this recommendation into a fourth Gap Inc. concept, Forthe & Towne.

When Cutty Sark came to Lambesis in 1999, the brand had limited relevance or emotional connection with the younger US consumer. Lambesis repositioned Cutty Sark among the target market of 21-34 year-old males as a more accessible and masculine drink. Lambesis provided insights into this market, including the target’s perceptions of competing brands in the Scotch category. These insight were used to redefine the brand’s positioning and develop communications aimed at the new target audience.

In addition to Caslon, Lambesis was selected by Nordstrom to create Halogen as their new modern brand and reposition Classiques Entier. Lambesis conducted strategy sessions with each brand’s marketing team that led to the development of five-year brand plans. Complete brand identity programs were created that included product design, packaging, merchandising, media, promotions and licensed music collections.

Dana, the fragrance division of Renaissance Cosmetics, retained Lambesis to launch their new line called Fetish. As one of the first mass-marketed beauty brands targeting young women, ads were strategically developed to communicate on an emotional level. Lambesis developed all aspects of the marketing program, from product design to P.O.S. and other forms of marketing communications. The launch was extremely successful, moving five times more product than other Dana product introductions.

Intel’s largest competitor, AMD, asked Lambesis to help position a new product and articulate the benefits of the digitally connected home to consumers. AMD was challenged with the task of communicating complex technologies and the benefits of linking a widely varied array of digital devices. Lambesis researched the new lifestyle of digital connectivity and the potential of the digital entertainment experience. Creative work and a new positioning were developed, as well as a holistic marketing plan to support the new marketing initiative.

When Hot Topic decided to take their alternative fashion lines to the plus-sized market, they asked Lambesis to help develop their brand. Lambesis responded with the celebrated La Dolce Vita brand platform, which revolved around the idea of living life to its fullest. Poster-like images celebrate a world of fun, sexy glamour and style. By using top fashion photographers, Lambesis brought beautiful and daring imagery to this fast growing market.