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In 2007, Tacori was an emerging jewelry company with a passion for creating beautiful and unique handcrafted designs. The family run business had found its footing in engagement rings, offering exquisite craftsmanship in each remarkably detailed piece. As compelling as the Tacori product was, the brand had yet to establish a distinctive brand image for itself, limiting Tacori’s ability to convert shoppers at retail and expand their product mix. Tacori came to Lambesis seeking an ownable brand positioning to match their exquisite handcrafted product.

Key Strategic Issues

Few brands in the fine jewelry market have been able to successfully develop and sustain a distinct brand image. Tacori was competing in the mid-tier of engagement rings and fine jewelry, a marketing space saturated with forgettable product shots and generic lifestyle photography. This was further amplified at the point-of-sale, where brands were doing very little to create a recognizable brand image or a memorable retail experience. Lambesis recognized this as a unique opportunity to create an ownable image for Tacori, centered around the brand’s inherent passion and the jewelry gifting moment.


Lambesis conducted extensive research on how couples become engaged and used these insights in developing an integrated point-of-sale campaign for Tacori’s store-within- a-store boutiques, along with consumer and retailer incentive programs. These groups are adept in using qualitative and quantitative methods to gain insights for branding and positioning platforms. Additional communications supported the launch of Tacori brand extensions, including Tacori fashion jewelry and Tacori wedding brands.


Now in its fifth year, “Iconic Passion” has not only dramatically contributed to Tacori’s growth, but it has focused the industry’s eye on Tacori as the brand to watch. Sales have shown double- digit increases annually, and InDesign Magazine named Tacori the third most visible jewelry brand and the #1 bridal brand that jewelers are adding to their offerings. Tacori is currently enjoying robust North American growth, expanding into wedding bands, fine jewelry and fashion jewelry. Tacori’s online fan base has multiplied exponentially among both actual and aspirational purchasers, suggesting enormous future growth potential for the brand.

TV & Film

Renowned director and screenwriter Steven Antin directed “Par Chance,” a heartfelt short film about a chance encounter that blossoms into a passionate romance. Television Tacori’s TV series communicates the brand’s artisan heritage and exquisitely detailed creations through graphic and striking stories of passion. Juxtaposing the jewelry with objects symbolizing passion, the spots seamlessly create a distinct and ownable image for the Tacori brand.


Lambesis designed the Tacori website to reflect the brand’s passion for exquisite craftsmanship and style, while offering consumers an engaging and informative online shopping experience.


Tacori’s “Iconic Passion” print work captured the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and stunning designs in dramatic still-life photos. The beautiful images were shot by acclaimed photographers Richard Burbridge and Raymond Meier.

Out of Home

The striking print that Lambesis created for Tacori seamlessly translated into outdoor media. Key locations in major cities were selected to display the striking images, communicating the glamour and elegance of the Tacori brand.

Point of Sale/Retail

The intricate beauty of Tacori jewelry, resulting from an uncompromising passion for design and craftsmanship, is captured in every sumptuous piece of informative and stylish collateral.