Case Study


cocktail style


In the years following its 1992 launch, SKYY expanded its national distribution and enjoyed a gradual sales increase with a product-focused ad campaign highlighting the vodka’s exceptional smoothness and proprietary distillation process. However, as time passed, SKYY began to see their sales decline, even though research showed vodka consumption was on the rise.

Key Strategic Issues

Although the explosion of cocktail culture had created a market of more youthful consumers, SKYY wasn’t fully tapping into the trend. The challenge posed to Lambesis was to create a brand image that would resonate with young consumers, while generating broad brand awareness in the hotly contested spirits category.


Focusing on younger consumers who were just beginning to establish their brand loyalties, Lambesis developed Cinematic Cocktail Moments, a brand platform designed to create a strong emotional connection with consumers and showcase SKYY as the catalyst for a great cocktail experience. Leading fashion photographers created image-based stories in a striking dramatic style, visually distinguishing SKYY from other brands in the vodka market. The media plan targeted trendsetters and style- conscious consumers, while building momentum with impactful outdoor advertising in influential markets. The blue bottle instantly became a brand icon, and SKYY posters were soon in high demand.


SKYY Vodka enjoyed double-digit sales growth for 10 years following the launch of Cinematic Cocktail Moments, and in 2000, SKYY exceeded the one million case mark. This rapid ascent made SKYY a frequent winner of the coveted Hot Brand Award, and the 2012 Harris Poll EquiTrend study identified SKYY as the leading vodka brand. Lambesis’ work for SKYY has been cited as a case study in effective positioning, branding and creative strategy in several marketing and advertising textbooks. The deep emotional connection Lambesis fostered between SKYY and the vodka’s consumers has been the crux of their 15- year relationship, allowing Lambesis to develop SKYY into one of the world’s most recognizable spirits brands. SKYY’s enormous success has enabled multiple brand extensions, including SKYY flavors, SKYY Blue, SKYY90 and SKYY Infusions.

TV & Film

Leveraging the talent of award winning directors, SKYY television elegantly captures the cinematic fantasy of the brand. SKYY also pioneered the use of online short films, reinforcing the brand’s ties with cinema and connecting with the target on a deeper level.


SKYY has consistently brought innovation to the digital medium, with provocative and entertaining concepts that capture the sexy essence of the brand. The award-winning site presents the brand in a seamless context that consumers can truly experience.


Cinematic Cocktail Moments changed the way spirits are marketed and has become the embodiment of modern cocktail culture and style. Capturing classic cocktail moments with smart, sexy sophistication, these images achieve a deep emotional connection with target consumers.

Out of Home

An extensive outdoor presence in key urban areas leverages SKYY’s arresting and graphic images. Billboards and posters, placed in strategic locations in major cities, build awareness and reinforce the iconography of the SKYY brand.

Point of Sale/Retail

The representation of the SKYY brand in trade communications is achieved with a high level of quality and style to support its premium image.  

Package Design

Sleek and sophisticated, SKYY packaging is created with a high level of quality and style to support the brand’s premium image.