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Hitachi was well-known for a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, but awareness of their home theater technology was low. Although the high-end flat panel HDTV market was growing rapidly, Hitachi had little brand name recognition in the field. Hitachi looked to Lambesis to develop an innovative integrated marketing program that would create a clear and distinct identity to differentiate them from other brands.

Key Strategic Issues

Hitachi’s competitors had done little to develop a distinctive brand identity. Most advertising in the category had a generic functionality-focused approach, but Lambesis felt Hitachi could leverage their advanced propriety technologies to establish a best-in-class positioning. By emphasizing Hitachi’s superior technology in an elegant way, Lambesis knew they could help Hitachi rise above the standard advertising norms that characterized the flat panel TV market.


The Beauty of Science brand platform brought Hitachi’s best-in-class positioning to life with high-end imagery showing home theater technology as it had never been seen before. By turning off the TV and featuring striking photography focused on technology and design, the campaign broke away from conventional depictions of the ultimate home theater. In a category with little brand consistency, Lambesis used distinctive black backgrounds, dramatic lighting, and a modern minimalist aesthetic to create a premium positioning for Hitachi products, showcasing their superior technology. Through a variety of traditional media, as well as the architectural design of the Hitachi corporate showroom, Lambesis communicated the elegant superiority of the Hitachi brand.


The Beauty of Science brand platform not only drove significant growth for Hitachi, it pioneered an entirely new approach to the marketing of consumer electronics. Hitachi’s premium positioning cultivated and strengthened the brand’s reputation and helped expand their retail distribution within and beyond high-end electronics retailers. Consumer research indicated a heightened brand awareness, which was supported by tenfold growth of consumer traffic to the Hitachi website in key buying seasons. The rebranding of Hitachi was remarkably successful at setting the brand apart from its flat panel TV competitors. Hitachi’s lush photographic style and distinctive high-end appearance became industry benchmarks that were soon imitated by others in the category, ultimately changing the way consumer electronics firms approached branding.

TV & Film

Photographed and directed by the celebrated visual artist Jean-Paul Goude, Hitachi’s groundbreaking television spot tells the story of the brand’s superior picture quality in a strikingly dramatic and compelling fashion.


The Hitachi website allowed users to easily access a vast amount of information in an environment that reflected the brand’s sleek, premium and innovative essence.


Richly photographed lifestyle images used metaphors to tell the story of Hitachi’s proprietary technologies and highlight the sleek design of its products. Dramatic lighting and an emphasis on minimalist design were used to showcase the brand’s home theater technologies in a distinctive and ownable way.

Point of Sale/Retail

Imagery echoing the brand aesthetic, combined with headlines touting Hitachi’s latest technological advantages, enhanced the consumer retail experience and the in-store environment.