Case Study

The sensory

embodiment of


French style


Renowned for its alluring blend of true cognac and essence of bitter orange, Grand Marnier is one of the world’s most recognized and storied spirits brands with a rich 150-year history. In 2008, when sales of Grand Marnier began to decline, the founding Marnier Lapostolle family and parent company LVMH looked to Lambesis to reinvigorate the beloved French brand.

Key Strategic Issues

With margarita drinkers and aging loyalists comprising the largest user segments, Grand Marnier was in need of a fresh, exciting image that would resonate with a younger generation, while reinforcing the brand’s cachet among existing consumers. Lambesis realized that Grand Marnier’s greatest asset, its rich equity, was not being maximized in the existing advertising. The opportunity was clear: reestablish Grand Marnier as an icon of authentic French style, but with an exuberant modern feel.


The sensory embodiment of authentic French style, “La Vie Grand Marnier” introduced Grand Marnier to a new generation. Acclaimed artist Jordi Labanda created the brand’s distinctive illustrations, which came to life in animated TV spots by French directors Alain Gourrier and Olivier. The marketing effort included outdoor, print, digital and social media, with limited-edition packaging and retail communications promoting the brand at point-of-sale.


“La Vie Grand Marnier” proved to be one of the most successful branding initiatives in Grand Marnier’s history. Since the launch of the advertising, Grand Marnier has enjoyed a significant increase in worldwide sales, with research revealing an extremely positive brand image shift and robust upward momentum among younger consumers. Grand Marnier continues to experience marked growth, with the brand positioned for exciting new product and marketing extensions.

TV & Film

Television spots captured the spirit and emotion of La Vie Grand Marnier, instantly breaking through the clutter to generate significant word- of-mouth, consumer trial and online buzz.


Lambesis extended “La Vie Grand Marnier” online with an interactive film guide that captured the flirtatious and sophisticated feeling of the brand. The Grand Mixology iPhone app captured the allure and excitement of creating classic Grand Marnier cocktails in a fun interactive game.


The “La Vie Grand Marnier” print ads capture the style and taste of the authentic French liqueur through vibrant, celebratory imagery inspired by vintage cocktail posters.

Out of Home

Outdoor advertising in targeted metropolitan areas included a complete takeover of New York’s historic Grand Central Station.

Point of Sale/Retail

A chic oasis of French sophistication was created inside retail environments to reflect the playful, graphic nature of the campaign.

Package Design

The limited-edition gift box, bottle and bottle jacket echoed the sophistication and style of the Grand Marnier brand through high quality materials and provocative design.