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DASANI launched in 1999, rapidly expanding into a $1 billion retail business. Robust category growth, backed by Coca-Cola’s unparalleled distribution system, helped the brand achieve over 20% compounded annual growth through 2006. In 2007, the competitive environment changed. Mainstream water brands had become more commoditized, and enhanced and private label water brands had absorbed significant market share. The bottled water product category was also facing environmental concerns, with consumers and retailers questioning the sheer number of brands on the market and the disposal of plastic bottles. By 2009, DASANI and other mainstream water brands were being delisted by Walmart and other major retailers.

Key Strategic Issues

In response to these changes, Coca-Cola created PlantBottle packaging, a 100% recyclable bottle made from up to 30% plant- based materials. DASANI was ready to reintroduce the brand in this new bottle, and they knew that in the existing marketplace, the launch had to make the brand likeable and relevant to consumers and retailers. Lambesis recognized that the launch campaign could serve DASANI in two ways— by appealing to light green consumers who were seeking simple ways to be more eco-friendly and by positioning DASANI as a more premium brand in the incredibly competitive bottled water arena.


Combining environmentally friendly messaging with premium high design, Lambesis created fully integrated rebranding to celebrate DASANI, the PlantBottle design and the brand’s sustainability platform. A sleek and minimal aesthetic was used throughout the work to reflect purity and the refreshing feeling of water. Print and outdoor centered around an impactful image of natural plant life “growing” the DASANI PlantBottle packaging. Using clean and bright visuals paired with a singular sustainability message, the TV spot showcased the brand’s commitment to be more sustainable and the refreshment it offers. Lambesis also created an innovative print insert on 100% recycled paper and a peel-off plantable seed paper leaf, to further educate consumers about DASANI’s innovative PlantBottle packaging.


The PlantBottle rebranding created enormous affinity for DASANI, significantly impacting the brand’s growth. In 2011, the campaign’s first year, DASANI experienced a double-digit increase in sales, even though the bottled water category grew by only 6% for the year. DASANI also experienced great success in the second year of the campaign, with significant volume growth. Consumers were extremely enthusiastic about the brand, referring to DASANI as “inspiring” and “environmentally conscientious” and commenting that they were far “more likely to purchase DASANI” after viewing the ads. The entertaining “Twist” spot was ranked as the second most memorable TV spot during the 2012 Olympics in research conducted by Ace Metrix, rating higher among consumers than ads for major sponsors such as Nike, Old Spice and Samsung.

TV & Film

TV spots for the DASANI in the new PlantBottle packaging showcased the brand’s sustainability platform and its pure refreshment through clean natural elements that clearly communicated the importance of offering a bottle designed with the planet in mind.


Lambesis designed the DASANI website with a sleek minimal aesthetic, reflecting the pure simplicity and refreshing feeling of water. High- impact display ads and rich media units educated consumers about DASANI’s innovative PlantBottle packaging.


Print ads showcase the environmentally responsible design of PlantBottle packaging with clean, simple visuals of natural plant life “growing” the DASANI bottle. Lambesis also created an innovative print insert on 100% recycled paper, with a peel-off plantable seed

Out of Home

The PlantBottle image makes a high-impact statement in out-of- home media.