We create iconic brands that are strategically grounded, culturally relevant and enduring.

A deeper emotional and cultural connection with the consumer. Brand communications with greater clarity and power. For over 25 years, Lambesis has used a unique creative-driven process to create iconic brands that have garnered international recognition, consumer loyalty and, most importantly, client success. Through a proprietary process that allows diverse departments to work seamlessly together, Lambesis brand development is united by a single vision. The result is meticulously and inspired communication platforms that raise brand awareness and resonate with consumers on a deep emotional level. By redefining the art of communication, Lambesis has mastered true branding.

A unique model

For Lambesis, true brand building exists at the intersection of diverse capabilities and experiences. A history of successful case studies documents the value of this integrated approach, which has resulted in the creation of iconic brands with proven track records.


Intelligent, bold, creative and passionate, the people of Lambesis thrive on innovation, creativity and strategic thinking. By seeking out like-minded creative partners, Lambesis has created a unique brand-building approach that is more powerful than any single perspective.

Creative driven process

  1. Research and Planning

    Traditional research is combined with proprietary techniques to gain insight into a rich set of cultural, industry and consumer drivers.

  2. Department Interplay

    The expertise of diverse disciplines is integrated to enhance and refine the insights gained from research findings.

  3. Positioning Development

    The relevant and essential insights are further refined to develop a distinct and actionable strategic positioning for the brand.

  4. Brand Essence Development

    Deep creative exploration is used to develop an ownable visual and verbal expression of the brand essence and meaning.

  5. Creative and Design

    The brand essence is brought to life across an entire range of consumer contact points and experiences through total integration.

  6. Production and Execution

    The talents of renowned artists and other experts are leveraged and directed to ensure the highest level of production and execution.